Weekend Wheaties

What’s better than a bowl of Wheaties on Saturday morning? Besides isn’t that what we all want, a picture of the Wolfies on the cover of a Wheaties Box? 
Here’s 5 spoonfuls to get your weekend started off right… but first let me thank SG over at T-Wolves Blog for the shout-out this morning, welcome anyone coming over from there.
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  • Welcome to Loud City, an Oklahoma City Thunder blog, throws up a post I was thinking of putting together here… isn’t the Birdman, Chris Anderson, a great pickup this offseason? The stats say yes, my eyes watching the playoffs certainly say yes. This article also seems to alleviate fears he’d fall back into trouble. The only thing I would disagree with WTLC’s breakdown is this, $2-$3 million probably isn’t enough. Half the teams in the league need a quality C/Energy Guy. If a team signs 31 year old James Posey to the full-midlevel last year I would have to think even in the down economy that the Birdman after his performance in the playoffs is going to get something close. To me this would be a great move by Kahn if he can bring the Birdman into our den for anything less than the full mid-level and even that would still probably be worth it. He would fit in great with both Big Al and Love in my opinion and would match the energy of Craig Smith and Coerey Brewer (assuming he can come back healthy) off the bench too. Thats a nice active front line with 3 guys that would come in and play all out every play, something this team has always been shallow on.
  • Jerry Zgoda over at the Trib has the breakdown of players coming in to workout this week. I’ll have a more lengthy draft breakdown later this week but the headliners of guys coming in are Austin Daye from Gonzaga, B.J. Mullens from OSU, and UCLA guard Darren Collison. Based on recent mock draft the Wolves would be looking at these 3 with their picks at 18 and 28. 
  • A number of people around the internet/radio continue to talk about the Wolves trading for Kirk Hinrich. Frankly I like Hinrich and his fit on this team a lot. Some are saying the Wolves are discussing the #6 straight up for him and the other is for Mike Miller. I highly doubt Kahn would send out the #6 right away his fourth week on the job even for a solid guy like Hinrich. Moving Miller after a so-so year here in Minny makes more sense to me and moves one of our surplus wings for a much needed presence in the backcourt. Really there aren’t too many guys that fit in better with Randy Foye than Hinrich in my estimation. A steady ball-handler and decent 3pt shooter who can run the team as well as be a gritty defender that isnt afraid to match up with sg’s (for instance he’s one of the better guys in the league at slowing down the unstoppable D-Wade). So we’ll see if these are merely rumors or if they actually come to fruition in a deal for the Wolves.
  • Kahn is scheduled to meet a second time with Kevin McHale this week. I’ll have more on my thoughts on bringing back McHale as coach later this week.

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