McHale OUT

You have to love technology right? This probably isn’t the way that David Kahn had planned to have everyone find out that McHale is not returning as the Wolves coach, but just before Midnight tonight Kevin Love posted this on his Twitter account: “Today is a sad day…Kevin McHale will NOT be back as head coach next season.”

And with that the Wolves coaching search begins (or so we think). Again I’d like to throw my vote out for Sam Mitchell to replace him and take over the reigns of this young Wolves team. I’ll have more on that later. (Side note: there’s a new poll up for you to voice your choice for the Wolves new coach –> )

As for McHale, could he stay on in some sort of player development capacity? It seems the players liked him and Jefferson said multiple times he learned more under McHale than anyone else.

In any case it will be a very interesting day for the Wolves tomorrow.

EDIT: T-Wolves blog has the letter Kahn sent via e-mail addressing the situation to Timberwolves Season Ticket holders.

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