6/19/09 Friday Lay-Up Line

Al Jefferson + #6 for Amare Stoudemire? Heecccck no. Thankfully it sounds like this either was completely bogus, or if the Suns actually called and Kahn said no to it immediately.

From Zgoda’s blog On the Wolves:

It’s already clear the Kahn is very much concerned about a player’s value, his salary and how it fits into the big picture with the cap.

He really is focused on managing the cap.

That’s why I think Mike Miller definitely will be traded by draft night and why Randy Foye likely will be as well.

Couldn’t agree more here. Even Love could be moved in the right deal. The more Kahn talks about the team the more I get the feeling that we are going to have 4 new starters around Jefferson next season.

Marc Jackson as the new Wolves coach? I could see him being a good coach. He certainly was one of the more savvy point guards in his day and he seems to have the right demeanor based on what I can gather from games he calls with Breen and JVG. I’ll put him on my list right behind Sam Mitchell I think.

Britt Robson: David Kahn, Machiavellian?

I’ve referred to Kahn as slick and Machiavellian and of the same ilk as agents and owners thus far, hardly descriptions of endearment. Stylistically, the guy is the sort of smooth operator I intuitively distrust–even his informal jibes and bon mots feel expertly calibrated. But on the nuts-and-bolts substance of his comments and strategies for the Wolves organization thus far, Kahn has been logical, insightful, well-backgrounded, and forthright. He deserves the honeymoon of an open mind from the fans, the media, and especially the players, who are likely plenty piqued at McHale’s removal.

This is exactly why I can’t help but like the guy and everything he has said so far. He seems very calm, cool and collected in the press conferences, and its obvious that he has a very clear plan to make the Wolves into a championship caliber team and soon. Obviously we’re still in the “all talk” stage and he still needs to walk the walk but the more he discusses the plan and the more we gain insight into it, the more confident I become in thinking that the Wolves are finally, finally in good hands.

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