Timberwolves Draft Room June 25th 6pm EST

Want to know what really went down in the Wolves war room on draft day? (I had this in an update in the latest Rubio piece but thought I’d re-post it in case some of you missed it.

Howlin’ T-Wolf got their hands on the most important conversation that happened on the night of the NBA Draft…

June 25th 6:00pm EST

David Kahn finds out that Rubio might be available at #5 for the Wolves. He scrambles around yelling for someone to find him Dan Fegan’s (Rubio’s agent) phone number. Finally a Wolves intern pops his head up, “Got it.”

“Get him on the line right now!” Kahn yells back.

After a couple of rings…

DF: “Hello this is Dan who is this?”

DK: “Dan, David Kahn here. Don’t you have the Timberwolves war room on your speed dial?”

DF: “Very funny, what’s up?”

DK: “Well it looks like we might get lucky, I’m hearing Ricky might fall to us. What are you hearing?”

DF: “Unfortunately I think you might be right, it sounds like Presti’s going to go with Harden and Sacramento is going to take Evans unless one of them changes their mind last minute.”

DK: “Well we obviously couldn’t be happier if it’s true… so how do we need to play this so everyone’s happy?”

DF: “Well quite honestly our biggest obstacle is this dumb buyout the kid’s got. He really wants to play in the NBA right now and although Minnesota was far from his first choice you guys do have a couple of nice bigs in Jefferson and Love and I imagine a lot of minutes for him at point guard.”

DK: “We sure do. And let me tell you right away he’s our starting point guard the moment he walks in the door here. So about this buyout, as far as I know the last thing the DKV Joventut wants is for him to come back, they really need the money from the buyout right?”

DF: “Yea they need the money and they want it this year, that’s why we brought the Spanish IRS in and filed a lawsuit to fight it because they won’t budge on it one penny.”

DK: “Well what if we turned the tables on them completely? What if you stopped fighting it? How about I come out and say that we love the kid but we’re in a 3-4 year rebuilding process and we’re the one team in the league that can wait for him to play out his contract in Spain if he needs to. Obviously we want him right now but it’s at least believable that we would be willing to wait for him. So instead of fighting them on the buyout, which they clearly need, Ricky comes out and says he’s coming back for two more years to play out his contract. They’ll freak out and come to the table and negotiate. What do you think of that idea Dan?

DF: “Hmm… you may be on to something here David. But how are they really going to believe he’s going to come back? You guys need a pg as desperately as DKV needs the buyout. There’s no way anyone would really believe you’re ok waiting with Telfair running your show while you’re waiting for Ricky.”

DK: “Well funny you should say that because I have just the answer. I’m gonna take Jonny Flynn at #6 right after I take Ricky at #5.”

DF: “You are f#$%ing going to do what? Are you serious? You’re kidding right? Why would you waste a high draft pick on another point guard. Why wouldn’t you take DeRozan or at least Curry?!?!David are you feeling ok? You are going to take another point guard just to bluff  DKV? And then what will you do? Are you just going to trade Flynn away?”

DK: (Half-laughing) “Relax Dan. Jonny is a superb young player himself and honestly I really think he’s going to be a star. He has the potential to be one of the best lock-down defenders in the league in 3-4 years and I’m talking about against guys like Wade and Kobe too. He may only be 6′-0″ but he plays at least 6′-3″ or even 6′-4″. You may not have seen it because Syracuse plays the 2-3 but I’m telling you he’s got what it takes. I’m being totally honest with you Dan I really think Jonny and Ricky are the next Isiaih Thomas/Joe Dumars backcourt. Trust me they can play together and it will work. Jonny can play off the ball and will be the perfect running mate with Ricky for us to push the tempo all game long. Plus this will solidify our bluff to DKV as it will really look like we are ok waiting for him to come over and Jonny can run the show until then. It’s rock solid and it’s the best option for Ricky to play for us next year and get to that second contract as soon as possible.”

DF: ” Well you’re right about that, we need to get him to that contract asap. It might be a solid plan but everyone is going to think you’re nuts taking both of them. You realize you are going to be the laughing stock of the NBA on your first big day? You really think they can play together?”

DK: “I don’t care what everyone else thinks. I promise you they are going to be the best backcourt in the NBA in 4 years and this move is going to pay off big time, I trully believe it. Jonny is going to make Ricky a lot of money, think of it that way.”

DF: “The only problem with this plan of your’s David is what if Jonny outplays Ricky, what then?”

DK: “Dan, these guys are the real deal, you at least know that about Ricky and I believe it just as much about Jonny. They are going to be good, really good, stars in the league good. I’m going do whatever I have to, to keep both of them on their second contracts. Ricky is going to be a star. And if it doesn’t go well or if Jonny outplays him then all you have to do is do what you did with Yi and force me to trade him. We both know you’re capable of playing that card if you need to.”

DF: “Hmmm… You’ve thought this through pretty thoroughly haven’t you David?”

DK: (Grinning) “I have. Ok, so here’s the plan, I take Ricky at #5 and Jonny at #6. Everyone will say I’m crazy and Ricky will look perturbed either because he just fell to #5 or it’s us taking him or afterwards because we took another pg. Just have him say he wants to play in the NBA but he needs to evaluate his options and Europe isn’t out of the question. Then we’ll fly him in to town, half secretly in that we’ll leak it inside the organization and to a few media people but no press conference or anything. Then later in the week right as Free Agency gets going have him announce through one of the papers over in Spain that he is going to stay at DKV and play two more years and drop the lawsuit. I’m telling you they won’t know what to do but come to you with a restructured buyout for less money to get it done now.”

DF: “David, your crazy, but I think you might be a genius.”

DK: ” Well, we’re about to find out aren’t we…”

** This conversation is completely speculative and merely my imagination filling in what might have happened on draft night**

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