Thoughts on TrueHoop's interview with David Kahn

For those who haven’t read it, please do go over to TrueHoop and read yesterday’s interview with David Kahn by Henry Abbott.

I found it very interesting and generally fascinating  for a number of reasons:

1. Henry asked all the questions that everyone (outside of MN that is)
is focusing on, basically that for the Wolves the glass is half empty
or worse in this situation as opposed to the half-full or better most Wolves fans believe.

2. Kahn gives really short answers and basically non-answers or
deflects 6 of the 10 questions. (Note: Henry does say this was some of what he said but I’m assuming this is the meat of it) For the most part the answers are the same as what he’s been saying previously.

3. I love how this whole situation basically has most Wolves fans (I’m
thinking it’s about 80/20 of Wolves “fans” in favor of Kahn but for
the die-hards its around 100% for him) forming a protective circle
around Kahn and buying into his genius. It also has every other
basketball fan saying Kahn is the worst gm ever and the Wolves will
continue to suck as a result. They also think everyone who agrees/
defends Kahn’s moves is completely smoking crack or living on another
planet. For an interesting read in the different views peruse the comments section on the interview.

4. Knicks fans apparently really think that they should get Rubio for any number
of Donnie Walsh pu pu platter variations and Kahn and Wolves fans
everywhere are completely insane for thinking they shouldn’t trade

5. Most importantly I just love that the Wolves a team coming off a 24
win season is being talked about just as much as any team in the
league at this point. There’s lots to talk about and argue if you’re a Wolves fan which is great imo.

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