Wolves Sign Center Ryan Hollins to Offer Sheet

The Timberwolves have annouced that they signed Dallas Mavericks restricted free agent center Ryan Hollins to an offer sheet. The Mavs will have 7 days to match the Wolves offer. (Terms not yet disclosed)

Kahn had this to say:

We are excited about the opportunity to have Ryan Hollins on our team… He is a lengthy, athletic center, with a lot of upside, who should complement Al and Kevin really well. We’ve had our eye on him the past several weeks and we are optimistic we can acquire him through this process.

I had heard that Hollins was going to resign in Dallas but I guess after the Mavs signed both Drew Gooden and Tim Thomas Kahn is confident they won’t match. We’ll see just how much Kahn spent on his first free-agent acquisition as Wolves President of Basketball Operations, but based on his recent trades I can’t expect it to be too much.

I personally can’t recall seeing Hollins play, however his per 36 numbers at Basketball Reference look pretty good to me. I guess we’ll find out if he can produce that with more extended minutes. Based on the small sample size of games he played over 15 minutes it looks like he might just be able to produce enough for the Wolves to be an athletic defensive center for them off the bench.

Update: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo reports this deal is $7 million over 3 years. Meanwhile Mark Cuban tweeted a goodbye/well-wishes to Hollins with the Wolves so all signs point to the Mavericks not finding a way to match the Wolves offer. (The Mavs currently have 15 players signed and would have had to cut, waive, or trade one to do so.)

At this price I have to say this is a great deal for the Wolves and a very savvy late-summer-bargain-bin-free-agent-signing by Kahn. Centers, even backups, are usually expensive (see Gortat, Marcin) and/or a complete long shot to make an impact. With this deal the Wolves have seemingly avoided both with a low risk, high reward pickup.  Hollins seems to have the potential to be a solid, Chris Andersen type player for the Wolves, an athletic and defensive minded big off the bench, which I wrote earlier this summer is exactly what we need to go with Big Al and Senor Amor.

And for a sneak peak of what we have to look forward to on occasion next season:

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