Kahn talks about hiring Rambis

From Jonah Ballow of Timberwolves.com (click the link for the full interview):

Ballow: What were some of the attractive points for Kurt Rambis? Obviously (he had) a long playing career with the Los Angeles Lakers and then as an assistant coach for the very same team. What was attractive about making this hire especially with his prior experience with a championship caliber squad?

Kahn: Well I think that was a big part of it. He’s won at a very high level both as a player and a coach. I was a big fan of the way his Lakers teams played in the ‘80s. And he knows that’s kind of the way – a running up-tempo style – we want to employ. So I’m confident he can do that.I also felt from a player development standpoint, he really has a reputation for working with players and helping them improve as a teacher. I think he can manage our players, meaning he’s going to have to manage playing time and expectations as we grow this young team. I felt that he could do all these things.Let me say this, we had two other terrific finalists – Mark Jackson and Elston Turner. Both of them were fully capable of doing this job. That’s partly what made it so hard. I really felt we had three people who had the ability to do this for us and it was a very close call. I believe we’ve made the right call.But I also wanted to say that, out of respect for Mark and Elston and there were even a couple of people in the first round that I felt could have done this too, but we couldn’t have too many finalists or this would have taken forever. But I’m thrilled to have Kurt here.

Ballow: Filling the head coaching position, does that help with Ricky Rubio? Is that any further along than we last talked to you?

Kahn: I don’t think that it’s a huge factor. I think that the paramount factor from the moment we drafted him has been the buyout and how to solve what is a very difficult issue. We’ve been doing what we can, which isn’t much, but we’ve been doing what we can to help solve it alongside his representatives. I’m sure it’s helpful to have a coach and I’m sure that it fills in a little bit of a gap. But I truly believe that the buyout has been the paramount issue in this process.

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