My Second Favorite Team…

At the request of the editors at the TrueHoop Network all the network bloggers are giving you our second favorite teams:

The Miami Heat are my second favorite team and allow me to tell you why in just two words. Dwyane Wade. Yes I spelled his name correctly and yes that is all I really need to tell you as to why the Heat are my second favorite team, but allow me to expand. If you have not had the chance to see Dwyane Wade in person you really need to make it happen. Along with Lebron he is both on the “must see in person” players lists, the first being the extremely and out of this world talented with a basketball (joined by Kobe, Durant, Chris Paul and most likely soon Blake Griffin) and the second being the freak physical athletes (joined by Shaq, Dwight Howard, Anthony Randolph and hopefully soon Jonny Flynn). Only Wade, I’d argue, could make Joel Anthony look like a servicable center, Mario Chalmers a starting point guard as a rookie, and completely carried a team with only one other player (Beasley) playing above average basketball according to John Hollinger’s PER ratings. Whether its waeving through 3 players to get to the rack, coming down and hitting a step-back 3, or waiting to be triple teamed to find the open man on the weak-side, Wade is my favorite player to watch in the NBA and the reason the Heat are my second favorite team.

Do you have a second favorite team? If so who is it and why? Post yours in the comment section below.

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