Game 10 Quick Recap: Mavs 89, Wolves 77

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Can the Wolves please just play first quarters for a while? Because they don’t show up for the last 3 anyway apparently. A quick rundown of thoughts tonight before some more complete ones over the weekend.

  • No triangle. Didn’t see it. Not once. I’ll be interested to hear if any of the beat reporters heard Rambis address this at all after the game.
  • Without any triangle being run (maybe they were attempting to but I couldn’t really tell if they were) there were a lot of isolations and one-on-ones that didn’t work.
  • The Wolves actually had a decent 30% ft rate but unfortunately didn’t use it to their advantage by bricking almost half of them by going 16-27 from the line.
  • I did Sessions and Gomes run a nice pick-n-roll that ended with Gomes hitting an open 15 footer.
  • Worst shooting game by an NBA team I’ve ever seen I think.
  • Only 10 fastbreak points, most of which were off sloppy Mavs play. Not exactly living up to the “United We Run” motto, yet.
  • I’m still not seeing much from Brewer on D. Then again as Gus mentioned in the comments after last game Corey is getting no help behind him either.

In other Wolves news, sadly Al Jefferson’s grandmother passed away in Florida on Thursday but not before he was able to see her. Thoughts and prayers should go out to him and his family from all Wolves fans.

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