David Kahn… A GM Ahead of the Curve?

As some of you probably don’t have ESPN Insider access and others may have missed it on Friday, there was some good news for Wolves fans that came from Chad Ford on his NBA Draft Blog that I thought you should see:

While 2009 may have been one of the best point guard drafts ever, the 2010 draft is shaping up to be one of the worst ever.

The drought of point guards in this year’s draft has led to some consternation among a handful of GMs. Why? Because their scouting staffs didn’t alert them to that fact before last year’s draft, which could have affected their strategy.

“I know we all say that we draft on talent, not on position, but that’s only partly true” one GM told ESPN.com. “Last year we needed to fill a number of holes and ended up passing on all of the point guards. Had we known there wouldn’t be any point guard talent in the ’10 draft, I think we would’ve done things differently this summer.”

Basically other than John Wall, who looks to be a superstar, there is only one other point guard, Willie Warren, who is ranked on Ford’s big board as a 1st rounder.

What’s this? You mean all the people who questioned what the heck David Kahn was doing when he drafted two point guards back to back and signing a third in free agency, might end up eating crow??? Imagine that. In fact if the Wolves were to, gasp, win the lottery and the John Wall jackpot, they would all of sudden find themselves fully cornering the market on young point guards.

Hopefully now you have a better idea of why David Kahn is all about acquiring “assets” in the early stages of building a contender out of our beloved T-Wolves.┬áIt may not fill a need now or help them get a W tomorrow night, but they have a very good chance of paying off quite well for the team in the future.

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