Wolves Switch the Deal and Trade Hart to Suns for Tucker, Pick and Cash |Twitter / Jerry Zgoda

From Twitter / Jerry Zgoda

OK, here’s the done deal: Alando Tucker, 2nd rounder in ’10 and cash for Hart.

Honestly getting Brown from N.O. wasn’t that special so turning Hart into a free flyer (the cash will pay for his salary) on Tucker who was a pretty good scorer in college and hasn’t gotten much burn with the Suns, as well as another asset in the form of a 2nd round pick in next summer’s draft seems like another solid move by Kahn. Not as good as Presti using his space to snag Maynor from Utah sure, but still a solid move by Kahn to use the Wolves cap space, at absolutely no cost to the team or owner Glen Taylor, to add some assets. Let me once again point out that this is a move that our former GM probably doesn’t even know was possible.


Also a shout out goes to Phoenix Stan for alluding to a potential Tucker for Pecherov trade way back on October 31st. As predicting trades go this was pretty darn close.

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