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Chat with David Thorpe – SportsNation – ESPN:

Kevin Love (California Dreaming)

Don’t we have to consider the fact that I am realistically the best sophomore?

David Thorpe

(12:06 PM)

It’s certainly possible that you will be the best by seasons end. Gasol and Lopez will have a lot to say about that though. I’m impressed with your 3 point shooting, it helps you a great deal.

Mike (Mpls)

I know he’s one of your guys, but for much of the early season Corey Brewer was simply atrocious. Could his recent improvement be a sign of things to come or will he always be primarily a good defender with a wildly inconsistent offensive game?

David Thorpe

(12:22 PM)

I think he’s starting to figure a lot out, and he’s almost totally recovered from major knee surgery. December has been a career best month, so now he has something strong to build on.

Shawn (Rochester, MN)

Hi David. Do you think either Jefferson or Love will ultimately have to be traded and replaced with a 7 footer with defensive skills?

David Thorpe

(12:37 PM)

Yes. I love them on offense, and that’s it.

mike (springfield, ma)

Rubio update please: how’s he doing?

David Thorpe

(1:00 PM)

I heard from a team exec recently that he was doing well. I think his team is top 2 in both the euro leage and the ACB. Remember, you can’t compare his stats to any NBA rookie. The pg’s there are asked to run the team, not score. Judge them by winning first and foremost.

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