Wednesday Wolf Tracks 12/30

As a new feature to HTW, Jonah (and me on occasion like today’s first edition) will be doing a daily link post which Jonah has appropriately and creatively dubbed: “Wolf Tracks.” So if you see anything cool on the net you think other HTW readers might enjoy shoot him an e-mail with a link to it.

Tracks to the Timberwolves

  • Jerry Zgoda has a plan for that 2nd round pick we got from Phoenix yesterday: Mine the draft for the next Manu Ginobli.
  • The Wolves made #9 of the 10 Minnesota sports stories of the decade but not for their memorable run in the 2004 playoffs, rather for trading Kevin Garnett: “On July 31, 2007, the Timberwolves parted ways with Kevin Garnett, ending the only era in team history that had produced a modicum of success. After two consecutive losing seasons, Vice President of Basketball Operations Kevin McHale made a decision to rebuild by sending Garnett to Boston for five players and two first-round draft choices.”
  • John Hollinger, in his best and worst of the decade piece (ESPN Insider),  has Kevin McHale as the second worst GM of the decade: “An underrated rival of Thomas who managed to screw up the prime years of one of the greatest players of all time, Kevin Garnett, with a series of awful contracts, most of which involved agent Bill Duffy.”
  • I was shocked not to find any Timberwolves on Chad Ford’s Worst Draft Picks of the Decade list (ESPN Insider). The pick I was expecting to see: Ndudi Ebi over ACC Player of the year Josh Howard, Leandro Barbosa, and Kendrick Perkins who were the next 3 picks in the draft. Another candidate would have been Rashad McCants over Danny Granger.
  • Marc Stein points out on TrueHoop that it was a big deal for the Hornets that their deal for now former T-Wolf Jason Hart fell through.

Tracks to the TrueHoop Network

  • If you didn’t already (I linked to it in the game recap) read Zach Lowe’s excellent piece on building a defense in the 2010’s.
  • This was linked to in yesterday’s TrueHoop bullets but it’s worth repeating for those that haven’t seen it. Over at the newest member of the THN, Red 94 covering the Rockets, Durvasa has put together a pretty cool motion map of advanced stats. I’m not really sure exactly what I can mine from it for Timberwolves related stuff (if you can by all means let us know) but it’s pretty damn cool nonetheless.
  • One of my favorite blogs in the THN to read is Daily Thunder. First of all Royce does a top notch job. Second of all it’s the team I think the Wolves can follow the path of over the next decade. The Thunder made smart picks in the draft and are now looking like contenders a season removed from looking a lot like the Wolves do right now. Now all we need is to draft our own Kevin Durant. (John Wall anyone?) Thirdly they made some really cool T-Shirts for their fans. Anybody want to design and make some cool HTW/Wolves ones?

Tracks to Other Cool Stuff

  • Really if you haven’t been there yet and you call yourself a basketball fan, you need to check out It really is the best new basketball site in a while. Their advanced box scores are a Godsend for bloggers like me to help breakdown games. If you like basketball and you like numbers, you will LOVE HoopData.

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