Game Recap 33: Jazz 107, Wolves 103

1-Line Recap: Wolves Leave Win at the Free Throw Line

Wolves Record: 7-26

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HoopData Advanced Box Score

Team OffEff DefEff Poss EFG% TOR ORR FTR
UTH 109.2 105.1 98 49.5 12.2 31.8 23.9
MIN 105.1 109.2 55.8 16.3 22.2 33.3

Wolves Vision:

Well as you read in the 1-line recap this was all about the Wolves not converting the easy ones, going 16-26 from the charity stripe. Uhh. That and they lost the offensive rebounding advantage for the first time that I can remember.

Bad news aside there were some nice things to take away from this game. First and foremost was Kevin Love making this blogger look good on saying he is the Wolves MVP and a top-20 player in the league with his one assist shy of a triple double 17, 11, and 9 stat line. Not to mention two clutch, clutch 3’s down the stretch to pull the Wolves to within 4 and make it close down the stretch. Secondly, was Al Jefferson looking pretty damn good in the triangle offense tonight going 10-15 from the floor and chipping in 4 assists. As I mentioned in yesterday’s recap one way to quickly judge if the triangle is working is to look at a team’s assists. The Wolves got 13 from their two starting big men (not to mention 3 from Pech in just 9 minutes!) alone last night and finished with a season high 31. The assists also led to the team finishing with a solid 55% eFG which is well above their season average of 46% eFG.

Friday night brings a big challenge in the defending Eastern Conference champs, so we’ll see if the Wolves can keep up their offensive efficiency against one of the better defending teams in the league.

One thing I would like to see Rambis try soon: A small-ball lineup of Flynn, Sessions, Wilkins, Gomes, and Love. Let’s see what this team can do pushing the ball and spreading the floor.

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