Wolf Tracks 12/31

Happy New Years Eve everyone! Maybe a new year will bring a new mentality to the Wolves and hopefully some wins to boot. Here are today’s tracks:

Timberwolf Tracks:

  • Here’s a good article comparing a couple of lottery picks that the Wolves could get in the upcoming 2010 draft: Henry vs. Wall. I got my bet on John Wall, like everyone else, but Xavier Henry could be exactly what they need to add.
  • Al Jefferson, who I like to call Mr. Big Cat, has started to embrace the triangle offense. Normally not designed for big men, the triangle offense can be a tough adjustment but Big Cat’s stats have become more consistent each game. Sports Illustrated’s Britt Robson explains more.
  • With the coming of a new year and decade, many writers are going list crazy and are dubbing teams and players with specific awards and naming some as unsuccessful or even duds. Front Office Fans have listed the Timberwolves as The Decades Most Mediocre Team.

Truehoop Tracks:

  • Much like Timberwolve’s fans this season, fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder have had tough times to endure. Here’s an article that explains how it can be difficult to become an NBA fan.
  • The talent’s of big men is undoubtably noted but are they becoming less valuable in today’s faster paced games? This also puts in to question the value of Big Al as an asset to this team or other teams in trade scenarios. Read Seven Questions for 2010: Do Traditional Big Men Have a Future from Truehoop’s League-Wide-Issues.

Other Tracks:

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