Game 46 Preview: Wolves vs. Knicks

Timberwolves: 9-36

Knicks: 17-26


Offensive Efficiency

Defensive Efficiency






New York




The Knicks suffered their worst loss ever at Madison Square Garden Sunday night and Jonny Flynn will be returning to the Garden where he had arguably one of his best wins ever. The six-overtime win over UConn last season with Syracuse was historic and quite possibly claimed his name to fame. Despite the Knicks not having their A-game on Sunday, it’s not like the Wolves are coming in with a hot stroke either. They suffered a 33-point beat-down by the hot hands of the Milwaukee Bucks. The defense was translucent and the offense struggled to find their shooting strokes. So, with both teams struggling, this game will be up for grabs. If only Flynn can mimic his days as an “orange” and take this game over using his large heart and undeniable will. And if he does it late in the game, it’ll only make it more memorable and satisfying when we take this one home. Jefferson had a horrific night Saturday against the Bucks going only 4-11 from the field as he fell just short of notching a double-double. The key tonight will be for the frontcourt to elevate it’s play similar to what they did in the two games before the mess in Milwaukee. This won’t be any easy feat though. “Our defense, we’re just not physically getting into people,” [New York Knicks coach] D’Antoni said. “I don’t know if it’s tired legs or just running out of energy a little bit.” Or maybe it will be.


Point Guard:

Jonny Flynn vs. Chris Duhon

Duhon should not be a starting point guard in this league, period. Perhaps this is the reason for the recent surfacing of more Ricky Rubio rumors. Donnie Walsh truly would love to acquire the hot, young European phenom but they don’t have him — they do have Duhon. Flynn has played great lately and, well, Flynn wins.

Advantage: Minnesota

Shooting Guard:

Corey Brewer vs. Wilson Chandler

Both players are playing out of position but playing well. Before the “massacre at the Garden” on Sunday, Chandler posted 28 against the Lakers and a strong showing with 17 against the Pistons. He’s not the strongest shooter, especially from outside, but neither is Brewer. Brewer’s shooting 42% — mediocre at best for a starting shooting guard but with Ellington’s strong play off the bench, the Knicks could have trouble keeping both players away from double-digit scoring.

Advantage: Minnesota

Small Forward:

Damien Wilkins vs. Danilo Gallinari

Wilkins has really struggled the past few games. He only took three shots in Milwaukee and is only putting up a measly 6.8 a game this season — the past few games are way below that even. Gallinari couldn’t shoot a ball in the Atlantic Ocean Sunday against the Mavs. But he can still be lethal from distance and is probably the Knicks’ best shooter.

Advantage: New York

Power Forward:

Kevin Love vs. Jared Jeffries

Well we can keep this one short and easy – Jeffries doesn’t have much of a chance. He is bigger than Love and will be a threat under the hoop on defense but his lackluster 4.6 per game won’t have much affect on this one.

Advantage: Minnesota


Al Jefferson vs. David Lee

Lee is on my list as one of the league’s most underrated players. He can score, grab boards with authority and get to the free throw line. If the Jefferson we saw in Milwaukee shows up, he won’t have a chance to stick with Lee statistically. Jefferson will need to re-establish his dominance under the basket tonight. Both Jeffries and Lee will be bearing down on every one of Jefferson’s quick-footed spin moves waiting to attack, so he’ll need to play with attitude.

Advantage: New York

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