Wolf Track – TrueHoop: Kahn won't trade Al Jefferson, unless …

From TrueHoop: Kahn won’t trade Al Jefferson, unless…

“…someone calls up with a deal that’s so preposterously one-sided, we’d have to do it”

Those words came from the mouth of Minnesota Timberwolves general manager David Kahn, who spoke to me this morning at Madison Square Garden while the folks back home in Minneapolis were wondering why the possibility of trading Jefferson was back in the news.

So while the Amar’e Stoudemire rumors have a basis in truth — I listed the chances of him being dealt at 60-40 in yesterday’s chat — a Jefferson deal is far more unlikely. “In this league you can make some terrible decisions when you make them hastily, without full information, or letting people evolve. We won’t do that here,” Kahn said.

And what would define ‘preposterously one-sided’– the phrase Kahn himself used to describe what's it'd take for him to trade Jefferson?

“Something that even Al Jefferson would have to say, ‘David you have to do that,'” Kahn said.

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