Wolf Tracks 1/26

The Wolves play the New York Knicks tonight at the Garden in Manhattan. Let’s hope they show up to play tonight as they failed to do so in Milwaukee on Saturday. I’m sure Jonny Flynn will be fired up to get back to the Garden and we’ll need him to step up big tonight. Here are today’s Wolf Tracks:

Timberwolf Tracks:

  • Wolves’ big man, Al Jefferson, is amidst more trade rumors. He may be taking it a little bit lighter this time though: “I’ve been in this league long enough to realize if no one is talking about you or wants to trade for you, that’s when you need to be upset.” said Jefferson.
  • Matt Moore of the Hardwood Paroxysm discusses all these new rumors and why he believes the Wolves don’t have much to give. Especially to the teams that have been suspect in the rumors.
  • The oh-so sheik and dapper Kevin Love discusses his style and other players’ as well.

Truehoop Tracks:

  • The Lakers made the annual trip to the White House as the NBA Champions last season. Only then were they greeted by the demeaning comments of the President directed towards Magic Johnson. (It was only a joke, don’t worry).
  • The New Jersey Nets have major problems, we all know that. Is it time for a lineup change? Sebastian Pruiti uses the tactics of Wayne Winston’s thinking in the book “Mathletics” to create a new Nets lineup.
  • The Curse of the Clippers is present and dragging them down. D.J. Foster discusses some of the aspects to the Clippers’ season thus far. Maybe it’s not as bad as we all presume for the Clips.

Other Tracks:

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