Follow-Up to "Building a Champion…"

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I had some thoughts to follow-up to my “Building a Champion…” piece. A few readers probably questioned the Philly trade I proposed in which the Wolves sent a bunch of EC’s (expiring contracts) and Corey Brewer in exchange for two starters from the Sixers in Iguodola and Dalembert. Granted it was a stretch to suggest Philly would take so little in return but all the rumors point to them desperately wanting to get out from under Dalembert’s contract next season.

The funny thing is after seeing Corey put four very good games in a row maybe we should just cut him and Iggy right out of the deal.

Take a look at this trade that is just Blount and Cardinal’s EC’s for Dalembert. The only thing that’s missing is Philly’s 1st Round pick in this years draft which right now is slated for the 5th best odds in the lottery.

Why Minnesota would do it: The trade gives them a look at the defensive center they need to line up with Love and Jefferson (like I said before the player they wish Hollins could become) and gets them another top 10 lottery pick in this summers NBA draft. The chance to land 2 of Wall/Turner/Johnson/Favors/Aldrich etc. would be huge. The downside for the rebuilding Wolves is also low. They would take themselves out of the running for one of this summer’s free agents like Johnson and Gay (which some people have doubted they could get anyway) and instead have Dalembert next year at $12 million. Sure that’s a ton of money for a third big man BUT it’s very easily movable at next year’s deadline as well. (Think about how coveted the Clippers Marcus Camby is this year as an expiring contract, a defensive presence that contenders want to add. Yes Camby is better but not by a lot.) I also think getting a look at another top lottery pick would be much better for the rebuilding Wolves than locking into Gay or Iggy long term. In a “worst-case scenario” the Wolves would then set themselves up for big cap space in 2011 when guys like Carmelo Anthony, Tony Parker, Nene, Caron Butler, Kendrick Perkins, Carl Landry, and J.R. Smith  are unrestricted free agents and the likes of Kevin Durant, Greg Oden, Al Horford, Joakim Noah, Marc Gasol, Thaddeus Young and Jeff Green are restricted free agents. Not to mention they could be bringing over or trading Rubio that summer as well.

Why Philly would do it: They desperately want to get out from under Dalembert’s contract even to the point of giving up a lottery pick in this year’s draft. (I think they would anyway, something we need to ask in one of the ESPN chats with Ford or somebody.) If they were able to get back just cap space for Dalembert I think they would let go of the pick as good as it might be. It just boils down to how badly they want to get out from under that money.

Other variations: If necessary I think the Wolves could even send the Jazz or Bobcats first rounder in return in the deal. Getting another pick in the top 5 would be worth it in my opinion.

So what do you guys think? Sound like a deal worth doing? Think Philly would pull the trigger on it?

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