Game 46 Recap: Knicks 132, Wolves 105

Wolves Record: 9-37

Well as good as my 9-32 prediction for the Wolves over the first half of the season was (they were 8-33 and won their 9th in game 42) my 19-22 over the next 41 isn’t looking so hot. Not when the team fails to show up completely two nights in a row. We’ve seen a lack of effort from this young squad before for a half in back to back games but even during the 15 game losing streak I don’t think we got two back to back 48 minute stinkers like this one. Especially against a team coming off a 50 POINT LOSS! the game before.

The one and only good thing to take away from this game (and really their are no details worth sharing, we just stunk to high heaven across the board) is the one and only Corey Brewer. Seriously folks I am borderline speechless on his improvement. From calling him out as a possible bust early in the season to now thinking he’s got a crack at most improved player if he keeps up this play, I just don’t know what to say, other than job well done by Rambis and the coaching staff on their first big-time player development success story. Take a look at these numbers:

Over the last 4 games Corey has shot 31-50 FG’s (62%), 7-9 FT’s (77%), 11-19 3’s (58%), and averaged 19.5 points, 4.25 rebounds, 3 assists, 1.75 steals, 1 block, and 2.25 turnovers.

Unbelievable. If there was ever an award for the player most improved during the season, it would be going to Corey.

Just how good has this play been? I honestly at this point would lean toward keeping him if the staff thinks he can keep this up (don’t see any reason why not) rather than sending him off in a deal for Rudy Gay or Andre Iguodola. Certainly both are better players, BUT, if the Wolves are able to land either John Wall or Evan Turner in the draft then Corey becomes a much better complement at small forward than Gay or Iggy would, who might need the ball more to be effective. Not to mention a lot cheaper over the next two years.

I’m still in shock that I just wrote that paragraph. Need to go splash cold-water on my face.

Anyway I will be sure to watch Brewer closely tonight and see if he gets matched up on Lebron at all or if they’ll use Gomes more like they did in game #2.

And of course since I highlighted Brewer’s improved play he’ll probably be jinxed and throw up a stinker. At least us fans will have something to watch for though right?

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