Wolf Tracks 1/27

After the dud of a game they played in New York last night, the Wolves will be in Cleveland to face Lebron and the Cavaliers tonight. Brewer looked spectacular last night and was about the only thing worth watching. Hopefully tonight will be a different case and we get production from all positions on the floor — believe me, we’ll need it. Here are today’s Wolf Tracks:

Timberwolf Tracks:

  • Two young howlin’ wolves, Jonny Flynn and Kevin Love, will be competing against each other at this year’s All-Star break in Dallas in the Rookie Challenge game. This is a fun game to watch as a fan because you become acquainted with some names your not familiar with, who may become stars in the near future. And also, as opposed to the actual All-Star game, these guys actually play defense and care about this game, so that’s fun to see too.
  • The youngster hasn’t even stepped on an NBA court yet and he draws more attention than a lot of players in the league. Wow, Ricky Rubio must surely be special. To David Kahn, he’s too special to give to the Knicks, especially after they kicked our tails last night.
  • The trade rumors continue to tremble the ground below us, especially when Al Jefferson is involved. Kahn said last night that the only way they would trade the big man is if: “Someone calls up with a deal that’s so preposterously one-sided, we’d have to do it”.

Truehoop Tracks:

Other Tracks:

  • Greg Oden in the nude?! I think I’d rather see something else — don’t worry the link doesn’t lead you to the photos. I saved everyone from losing some decency and keeping H-TW safe for the work place.

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