Wolf Tracks 2/5

Finally, we get to see some action tonight as the Wolves take on the Mavericks in Dallas. The Mavs are one of the best teams in the Western Conference, so coming off this break, the Wolves could come out and put up a dud of a game or come out shining. I hope its the latter. Here are today’s Wolf Tracks:

Timberwolf Tracks:

  • Even though he is a big man, Ryan Hollins is gifted with a swifty pair of feet. It may be unorthodox but it gives the Wolves an advantage and with the elevation in his game, this bodes well for the Wolves.
  • Here’s a link to Rod Simon’s blog as he speaks about practice for the last week and the Wolves’ mentality.

Al Jefferson told me at one of those practices that the team had to get better defensively. “We see how teams are reacting to us, thinking we’re going to be an easy team to beat because of the way we’ve played. That’s gotta’ end and it has to be with our defense.” He’s right. One thing that Coach Rambis has been telling his team is that there has to be better, and constant, communication on the defensive end of the court. “We get that and that’s what we’ve been working on. Defense. Defense. Defense.”

Truehoop Tracks:

  • Antawn Jamison needs to be traded and Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm agrees.
  • Kevin Arnovitz of the ClipperBlog must be feeling the heat. Their team sucks and now their coach steps down. The Clipper curse is alive and present folks.
  • Brandon Jennings, the score first and pass later point guard of the Milwaukee Bucks, has a goal to break the assists record at the Rookie-Sophs. game. Maybe Flynn should use Jennings’ forte against him by giving him open looks and breaking the assist record himself.

Other Tracks:

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