Tyrus Thomas: The New Wolf?

As I reported earlier in today’s Wolf Tracks, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is reporting the Wolves as a potential “sleeper” in the bidding wars for Chicago Bulls’ forward Tyrus Thomas. President of Basketball Operations, David Kahn, has made it clear that the team is looking for an athletic forward behind Kevin Love and Al Jefferson. But why Thomas?

If Thomas were to join the squad, it would give the Wolves some serious depth on the front line. Depending on whom we give up for Thomas, we could potentially have a front line chock full of guys like Love, Jefferson, Hollins, Jawai, Cardinal, Pecherov, as well as Thomas. Sounds like a rotation nightmare to me.

Now,¬†Canis Hoopus released an article today asking the same question as me — Why Thomas?

After some further consideration, I’ve come to the realization that Thomas would be a mighty fine pick up for the Wolves. Considering we get him for, say, one of our 1st rounders along with the expiring contract of a Brian Cardinal, we would be getting a former lottery pick for a mid-first round draft pick and an expiring contract we really don’t need. We have two other picks in the first round and still have plenty of money on the block to clear up at seasons end. Thomas could then be re-signed to an extension in the offseason and the Wolves can push forward to move Jefferson for younger talent to correct the scoring lapse our wings have presented so blatantly this season. The addition of Thomas would give our frontcourt that defensive presence we’ve been lacking in the paint. Our defensive efficiency is among the league’s worst and it is due to the fact that we don’t defend the basket as well as other teams. The importance of having a defensive minded paint-filler is critical in the NBA today, especially with the emergence of slashing guards whom love to fly into the paint. With Thomas in there, it’s harder to accomplish that, as he will be swatting away floaters left and right out from the lane.

So, despite Canis Hoopus’s feelings about the rumors, I think Thomas would be a good addition as long as two things happen, following the trade in the offseason:

  1. We move Jefferson for Rudy Gay or a Gay-like (No pun intended) player. (This is key and may pose as the biggest obstacle for Kahn and the Wolves)
  2. We re-sign Thomas to an extension and sign (Zydrunas Ilgauskas or David Lee) or draft (Cole Aldrich?) a legit center, solidifying a strong frontcourt.

If those two options are executed successfully following the trade for Thomas, the Wolves could go from worst-to-first next season. Well maybe not first, but I think they will find themselves amongst the playoff picture in the West come next season’s end. Don’t forget that between those potential moves we will be drafting two first rounders, including a lottery pick that will most likely bolster the backcourt’s depth and talent¬†at the 2 and/or 3 spot.

So let’s get the shuffling started and transform this team back into the contender we know they can become.

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