Game 54 Recap: Pistons 108, Wolves 85

Well I’m pretty sure this qualifies as a Korean Cooking recap for Stop-n-Pop over at Canis Hoopus based on the Wolves effort tonight.

And since I’m falling asleep tonight we’ll go with just a quick bullets recap:

The Wolves shot their way to a draw in the first half, while giving up a ton of easy buckets both in the open court and the half court. I watched the first 3 and a half quarters and I’ll take a stab and say the Pistons got 70+ points at the rim and the free throw line. We’ll see at tomorrow morning.

Ryan Hollins was awful and was greatly outplayed by the surprisingly good Jonas Jerebko. So much for his improvement?

Jonny Flynn was awful too. He set the tone for the entire offense which was for the night basically lazy and lethargic.

The Wolves continued to be careless with the ball (lead the league in turnovers) and had 17 turnovers tonight. The turnovers and all the non-box-outs, gave the Pistons easy lay-ups and second chance opportunities all night.

In the end this was basically the type of game the Wolves put up at the beginning of the season, except with some improved shooting in the 2nd quarter.

Game Ball goes to: Kevin Love for being the only T-Wolf to show up to play tonight. Let’s hope his play can rub off on the rest of the team for tomorrow night’s match-up against the Wizards.

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