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From NBA trade deadline: The latest info – ESPN

POSTED: Feb. 16 — 3:51 p.m. ET Chad Ford:

The Wolves continue to rebuff teams looking into the availability of Al Jefferson.A source close to the process told ESPN.com that the Wolves recently said no to a potential Luol Deng and Tyrus Thomas for Jefferson deal, telling the Bulls that they aren’t going to move Jefferson by the trade deadline, which is consistent with what Wolves GM David Kahn has been saying for weeks. However, a Deng-and-Thomas deal was the most realistic trade scenario we’ve heard for Jefferson.Jefferson was one of the first big names to get mentioned in trade deadline buzz when word came out that the Pacers had rebuffed an offer of Jefferson for Danny Granger. Since then, Kahn has been adamant that he’s not trading any member of his young core by the trade deadline. Kahn has maintained he wants an entire season to evaluate the talent he has on the roster.

Hmm well at least Deng-Thomas seems to be a pretty fair offer for Jefferson. However I am glad Kahn said no to this deal since although a better than average wing, Deng doesn’t strike me as the type of wing we really need, i.e. and outside shooting threat and lock down defender.

I’ll be interested to see if Kahn throws together the deal for Thomas as it might be worth it. Thomas has long been a player with athleticism and upside and perhaps a change of scenery and the right coaching staff to help him improve would do the trick. I’d be willing to bet the coaching staff could do similar things with his game as they have with Brewer’s.

What we do know: with two fairly big trades already done and at least one more coming (Stoudemire) it should be a pretty interesting next couple of days in the NBA.

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