Game 56 Recap Bulls 100, Wolves 94

The Wolves shot the ball well early and lead at halftime but instead of getting cold in the 3rd quarter they waited until the 4th to frustrate us fans. The Bulls out-rebounded the Wolves by 10 but there were only two real differences in the game: The Wolves hit 5 more of their 3 pointers than the Bulls and the Bulls made 11 more free throws. Those 6 points were the difference. The Wolves left the win at the line as they went 11-20 and continued to show that the free throw line is not one of their strengths.

Onto some quick Wolves related notes:

Corey Brewer looked to have outplayed Luol Deng on the wing shooting 8-17 to Deng’s 5-17. Brewer even chipped in 2 3’s. Deng however got to the line 14 times and converted 8 of them while Brewer went 1-5 including missing 3 straight.

Al Jefferson couldn’t get much going last night. The Bulls even without active defender Joakim Noah defended Jefferson as well as any team this year. They were aggressive throwing second and even third defenders at him and the refs were letting a lot go down low. As Jefferson’s post moves work to avoid contact he didn’t get a single call all night and got frustrated early.

Jonny Flynn finished with a nice stat line of 14 points, 6 assists and 7 rebounds on 6-13 shooting with 1 3. The problem: Derrick Rose did just about anything he wanted to against him. Although Flynn is the type of guy who needs to get up into opposing guards and frustrate them with his quickness, he played off Rose a good couple feet and gave him too much room to operate in the pick and roll with Brad Miller. Rose was also still quick enough to get his bigger body past Flynn. Flynn’s play on offense has been hit and miss but his defense is consistently lacking. Pretty disappointing from a guy David Kahn said was going to be one of the better lock down defenders in the league.

Corey Brewer took two charges last night. If he continues to put in more of these complete performances with scoring, shooting, defense, taking charges, running the break, and can knock down his freebies, I personally will lead the Corey Brewer for most improved charge.

Kevin Love had another sick outlet pass to Brewer (I think it was Corey either him or Ellington) where he grabbed a made free throw put one foot out of bounds with the other in the air and fired a 90 foot pass down court for an easy lay-in. I really love watching that. Then he came down the next time down and hit a 3 from the top of the key. He finished 3-11 from the floor and most of the misses were down low were he was frustrated with the same pressure as Jefferson. I’m not sure if Rambis thought he was having an off night or what but I was surprised not to see Love play much in the 4th.

That’s it for last night’s frustrating loss, but the good news is Sunday’s first of its kind Fan Forum Interactive Broadcast should be awesome. Be sure to have your computer on and your TV set to Channel 45 and be ready for a great night of Wolves content from both old and new media. I’ll be tweeting away myself so feel free to send questions/messages my way @HowlinTWolf and I’ll be replying as well.

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