Quick Game 60 Recap: Thunder 109, Wolves 92

Just a quick recap heading into the weekend:

  • The Al Jefferson we’ve come to know over the past couple weeks played the first 3 quarters and was just as bad as he’s been, particularly bad on defense. He made two of the dumber fouls you can make, one fouling Durant on the fastbreak but barely touching him so he could still lay it in for the and-one, and two on a close out in the corner he left his feet. After looking better on defense earlier in the year it just hasn’t been working as of late.
  • The good news for Wolves fans is that good ol’ Al from yesteryear appeared to show up in the 4th quarter and ripped off 8 points like he used to. Let’s hope he can carry that into next game.
  • Corey Brewer is officially a 3-point shooter. Man it feels like forever ago I had to post his Hot Spots chart just to show you how awful he was shooting.
  • Darko was a -14 tonight in +/- but I’ve just got to say that he looks like a real bonafide NBA basketball player out there. And by that I mean there were a few times where I saw little glimpses of the talent that made him the #2 pick oh so long ago. 2 of those flashes were great quick “hot potato” touch passes to Love who dropped them both out of bounds he was so shocked by them. These were exactly the type of passes we would never see Al make.
  • Also am I the only one to be surprised by Darko’s size? He’s like a legit NBA Center. I know, new concept for the Wolves.
  • And on one last Darko note, have you been watching the screens he sets. They’re like real screens. Cool.
  • Jonny shot the ball great, going 5-7 from the floor, and he had 5 assists! Oh yea he also turned it over 4 times (one was an awful entry pass to Al straight out of bounds) and was -24 in +/- on the night. Maybe that’s a result of Russell Westbrook doing whatever, whenever he wanted to on his way to 18 pts, 15 asts, and 8 rebs.

Next up: Portland Tonight at 8:00pm EST.

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