Wolf Track 3/12

The Wolves take on the San Antonio Spurs tonight at the Target Center. They’ll be looking to stop this losing trend — 12 out of the last 13 — and beat one of the Western Conference’s best teams in the process. Here are today’s Wolf Tracks:

Timberwolf Tracks:

Don’t get me wrong, the Wolves should be commended for their long-term approach. It’s rare to find a team that openly sets forth a plan that calls for patience and looks for long-term contention. It’s just that, well, so far, this current management team isn’t exactly executing that plan brilliantly. They drafted two point guards, one that says he’ll be glad to play in the great, cold, Midwest, just not, you know… right now, and the other who’s not exactly setting the world on fire despite getting more minutes than most rookie point guards.

  • The losing has gotten to everybody but in Kevin Love’s case, his frustration goes a little bit deeper than just losing.
  • In light of some negativity and lost hopes, the Bleacher Report thinks the Wolves could be in the playoffs sooner than most think.
  • Jonny Flynn explains all: The season and all of its growing pains, work ethic and the beauties of being an NBA basketball player.
  • Ryan Hollins says his current two-game suspension is a lesson-learned. He will be eligible to play again Sunday when the Wolves travel to Sacramento to play the Kings.

Truehoop Tracks:

  • In today’s modern age with all the new strides in advanced statistics, the game of basketball is no longer what it used to be. It’s all about efficiency and maximizing your potential to score points. Well, here’s another new proposed statistic from Brian Tung that is just crazy enough to make your head spin even more-so than it is already.
  • The Memphis Grizzlies are having the same problem as the Timberwolves. Who’s the man?
  • The Wolves may be playing the Spurs at a bad time. They beat the New York Knicks convincingly Wednesday night and, wow, Manu Ginobili is hot!

Other Tracks:

  • Oh my, how the reins have switched jockeys. The Orlando Magic have won 7 straight and are one of the league’s hottest teams, despite being questioned on their supposed lack of chemistry just over a month ago.
  • Officials break ground in Brooklyn, New York upon the upcoming arena of the 2012 New Jersey Nets.

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