Wolf Tracks 3/15

Yet another disappointing loss last night leaves the Wolves, and their fans, hoping for a quicker end to the season. Anyone pumped for the offseason?! Here are today’s Wolf Tracks:

Timberwolf Tracks:

  • Kevin Love may be good to go for Tuesday night’s match-up with the Phoenix Suns.
  • The Star Tribune talks more about the showing from Tyreke Evans last night.
  • The Bleacher Report says that drafting John Wall would only give the Wolves more problems then they have now. And they’re probably right, but the way Wall helped close out the SEC Championship game yesterday for Kentucky, he looked mighty impressive.
  • In an unorthodox method, and surprsing one at that, David Kahn has been on the road with the team more often this season.

“It would have been especially hard on (Rambis), coming from the Lakers (where he was previously an assistant), for me to say to him, ‘Now it’s time for you to hit the road Kurt. I hope you can deal with it,’ and not be there in those difficult moments as well,” Kahn said as he sat courtside at Arco Arena before Sunday night’s game. “That felt a little selfish to me. I felt that yes, it’s not only helpful in terms of being able to build a relationship, but it also demonstrates to him and the whole staff that they’re not in this alone.”

Truehoop Tracks:

  • When the Boston Celtics decided to rebuild to win a title about four years ago, they knew they had to sacrifice young players for established talent. Well, with only one ring to show for it so far and a roster that is just getting older and older, what happens now?
  • Its not just the Wolves’ defense that seems to be slipping. The Thunder are experiencing their fair share of defensive lapses too.
  • Here are some videos of the “Tyreke Evans Show” last night.

Other Tracks:

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