Wolf Tracks 3/23

In back to back games, the Wolves have shown that they aren’t just a team willing to lay down and be run over, even if it looked like it during the first three games of that last road trip. Keep up the good effort. Here are today’s Wolf Tracks:

Timberwolf Tracks:

  • Forward Alando Tucker’s tryout has not worked out as nicely as the front office thought. The Wolves cut Tucker yesterday afternoon.
  • To fill Tucker’s spot on the team, the Wolves are bringing back “The Janitor”.  Brian Cardinal has resigned with the T-Wolves.
  • The “Run With the Pack” season-ticket promotion has gone swimmingly and the sales continue to increase, hitting record levels.
  • Wolves’ rookies Wayne Ellington and Jonny Flynn aren’t playing the same kind of basketball in the month of March like they did last year while in the NCAA tournament. And despite the differences that both players have had to experience while making the switch from college to the pros, in the sense of winning that is, they are not ready to give up on the season quite yet.

“We want to win games, we don’t just want to stay with teams,” Flynn said after a 106-100 loss to Toronto. “That’s not the goal.”

  • The talk of the upcoming 2010 NBA Draft being the “John Wall Draft” has slowly started to diminish as Ohio State Buckeye Evan Turner has quickly established his name among the elite of the elite in this year’s draft class. Some may even take him #1 over Wall, but who? Perhaps, the T-Wolves…(ESPN Insider Article)

Truehoop Tracks:

Prosecutors are now calling for Arenas to serve three months in jail, three years’ probation and 300 hours of community service.

Other Tracks:

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