Quick Game Recap: Warriors 116, Wolves 107

Things you need to know about the Wolves most recent loss:

  • Big Al didn’t play. If he had the Wolves might have played just a little better.
  • Anthony Tolliver dropped 34 points. He made it look easy. Wait who is Anthony Tolliver you ask? Exactly.
  • Stephen Curry made me cry. He should be a Timberwolf. There is no if’s and’s or but’s to it. The funniest part? Kahn mentioned Flynn’s leadership and defense. I saw way more of it from Curry tonight who finished with a career high 7 steals to go along with a ho-hum 27, 14, and 8 on 12-22 shooting and 3-5 from behind the arc. Curry should be a Wolf and will probably end up haunting us in a similar way as Roy did to Foye.
  • The Wolves want this season to be over just as much as us fans do. You can see it in their effort and body language.
  • The Wolves defense was so bad I have no idea why it even became a 4 point game at one point in the last 2 minutes. The Warriors must have gotten bored with making all their shots or something after they made 80% of them in the 2nd quarter.

Now for a bit of good news: 1) Evan Turner and John Wall are in the draft and 2) The Wolves will for sure have 3 first round picks in this summer’s draft as Charlotte clinched a playoff spot tonight and will not finish in the top 12 (which is how much the pick was protected). The Wolves will have their own, the Bobcats and the Jazz. I can’t wait.

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