Weekend Wrap Up

Heard this before? The Wolves barely show up and drop another two games over the weekend. Highlights included being beat by a reeling playoff team and a should have been playoff team without their best star player. The latter also includes a rookie backcourt (Collison+Thornton), that most Wolves fans wouldn’t think twice about trading their own (Flynn + Ellington) for, doing just about anything they wanted to against the T-pups.

“Notable” happenings:

  • Jefferson played potentially the worst game of his career. If he needs to be with his family I am all about that. But coming back and taking minutes from Love to play the way he did wasn’t worth it.
  • Rambis got thrown out of the Hornets game. Can you say too little to late? This just a few games after they were talking about how he learned as a player it never really pays to argue with the officials.
  • Brian Cardinal, yes the recently returned Brian Cardinal, led the Wolves in assists last night with 3. On the other side rookie Darren Collison had 11. By the way that was in just 12 minutes of play before he fouled out.
  • Not a single Wolves player had a positive +/- last night.
  • In the Lakers game Darko was +7 in 39 minutes. Which means the 9 he was on the bench the Wolves were -18. Legit center anyone?

At halftime Mike McCollow said the Wolves need to trade whatever it takes to get a superstar. I couldn’t agree more. The easiest way? Get the 1st or second pick in the draft. The hard way? There is no other way really. The Wolves don’t even have the collective assets, especially with how bad they played down the stretch, to convince anyone remotely close to superstar level to sign here even for big bucks. And no team is going to take an Al Jefferson/Jonny Flynn pu pu platter at this point in return for anyone resembling a “superstar.” Unfortunately Wolves fans it’s a top 2 pick or bust.

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