Wolf Tracks 4/14

The end of the season is nearly here!

The end of the season is in clear sight and Wolves fans probably couldn’t be happier. No more watching ferocious basketball. No more complaining to your favorite blog about how bad your team is. The offseason has come to save our keisters from being burnt any longer by this terrible team this season.

Here are the season’s final version of Wolf Tracks. The Tracks will still pop up periodically during the offseason so that you are properly and promptly informed on all of the Wolves breaking news but today is the final daily version until next year. It’s sad, I know.

Timberwolf Tracks:

Cleveland forward LeBron James: “I think he’ll be good. He’s a really good push guard. He’s very smart. He looked good in the two games we played against them in Beijing, so he’s going to be really good. He was very under control. You can tell he has been doing it [playing professionally] for a while. It helps that he’s been playing with Rudy [Fernandez] and Pau [Gasol] and Jose [Calderon] and the rest of those guys with the Spanish national team.”

Truehoop Tracks:
Other Tracks:

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