To all you Rubio nay-sayers out there…

…Take a look at all of this:

Mark Woods/Star Tribune

David Aldridge/

Timberwolf/Bleacher Report

Austin Burton/Dime Mag

Trey Kirby/Yahoo! Sports

Bethlehem Shoals/NBA Fanhouse

Kurt Helin/ProBasketballTalk

The list goes on and on. Some of those articles state that Rubio was right in not coming to Minnesota this season, and maybe he never will. The way I see it, publicity is publicity. Any “pub” is good “pub,” right? As long as people keep infatuating over Europe’s pony-boy, the Timberwolves will keep reaping the benefits.

Love him or hate him here, Europe loves the guy. He won the Euroleague’s Rising Star Trophy — again. And the attention always seems to be focused on him. He only played 17 minutes in the championship you say? He only had bajillion articles written about how he and Barcelona won the championship the next day? My point exactly.

The Wolves are eating Rubio’s publicity up. The question now is what will they do with it. Maybe they let Rubio’s stock reach to the stars and then trade him away when they steal the #1 pick and John Wall in the NBA Draft. Or just sit on his rights until he does come over, which will lead to even more “Rubio-rage.” Whatever they do, they know that they are sitting on a big pile of dirt and underneath that dirt is a giant, golden nugget. My guess is they sit on that dirt until the time is just right. Or until the rain washes the dirt away revealing a golden nugget and then someone comes by and steals it from our unfortunate fingers. Just our luck, right?

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