2K11 Starting Rosters

A few days ago, the starting rosters for every NBA team and the individual player ratings were leaked here.

Wondering about our T-Wolves? Here’s there lineup and their “respected” ratings:

Jonny Flynn: 74

Corey Brewer: 70

Wesley Johnson: 73

Kevin Love: 74

Darko Milicic: 57

Shameful, ain’t it? Our best player a 74…You’re better than that in my heart, Senor Amor.

Even rookie Wes Johnson comes in and nabs a 73 compared to veteran Corey Brewer’s measly 70 rating. He was in the running for Most Improved Player last year, right? And J-Flynn at 74? Seems a little high to me…But where they really went wrong was Darko. A 57 should be taken as a slap in the face. Although I’m sure Darko could really care less, but it sure does suck for us Timberwolf/video game fanatics. I bet it was his “contract value rating” that ultimately brought his overall rating down.

Either the guys at 2K11 spent a little too much time working on design (The game looks absolutely sick) or they just forgot to do their homework on our beloved. Now I can’t even pretend that they’re good in┬ávirtuality!

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