Game 12 Recap: Bobcats 113, Wolves 110

Minnesota Timberwolves' Michael Beasley Reacts

What a heart break?

This is the kind of horse-pill-loss you have to swallow when watching a team like this. A team that lacks experience to shut the door in close games like tonight.

The only problem is that the Wolves shouldn’t have allowed this game to be so close. Lapses in their perimeter defense allowed the Bobcats to climb back in. Otherwise, this game should have been a 6+ point win in the Wolves’s favor.

As for individual efforts, Beasley put on a show against one of the better defensive minds in the game today. He was singlehandedly trying to carry our offense and did a pretty good job sinking 28 points. But he just couldn’t find help from any other teammates. Sure, he shot the ball and shot it often — 25 times to be exact, — but the Wolves need someone like that to catalyze this offense. It’s not like Kevin Love is going to put up that many in a game — I’d prefer him not to anyways.

Darko answered many fan’s prayers, including mine, by posting double-digits scoring for the first time all season. Is it time he starts to live up to his moneyball contract? Doubt it. The way he’s been playing lately, though, we’ll be lucky to see these kinds of performances from the Serb every 12 games. Count that as living up to a fat contract.

As a team, the Wolves have found their achilles heel: The Wolves have been stagnated by poor free throw shooting all season long. Tonight’s charity stripe lapse came in a big way when the Wolves only hit 65% of their attempts. I don’t even like to get into talking about free throws because the concept of it is so simple: free shots should equal free, easy points. Convert and do your job as a professional basketball player. It’s getting a little out of hand.

Again, tonight’s loss was a real heartbreak. I really don’t have much else to say about tonight’s disappointing performance. Some things were done right and added towards our progress, but despite the final two minutes lapse — which was bound to happen with such a young team — I thought the Wolves played pretty well. A little tightening up on defense and we should get back on track with our winning ways.

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