The streak continues; Wolves lose 100-86

It’s now been five straight since the Wolves’s last victory and there seems to be a dark cloud hovering above.

The Wolves had a very poor shooting effort, as did the Mavericks in the end, but the real difference was the exceedingly better bench play on Dallas’s end.

It’s a topic I’ve failed to bring up so far this season but have noticed it from the get-go. The Wolves are very thin at bench. Sure, they have decently good role players like Anthony Tolliver and Corey Brewer but no one is near the caliber bench player like that of Jason Terry of Dallas. He’s a sharpshooter who plays starter minutes when he needs to. The Wolves just don’t have anyone like that to come off the bench and provide a spark when the starters are failing to make plays or play consistently.

There’s honestly not much else to say about tonight’s tilt. Just another disappointing effort on the Wolves part. Keep this play up and our Timber Puppies may very well find themselves back into the dark abyss of loserville — Yes, I felt like they were finally climbing their way out considering there positive play 2-to-3 weeks ago. But as of right now, it’s back to the cellar for us.

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