A matter of night and day; Wolves weekend recap

Cleveland Cavaliers Forward Leon Powe (44) And Minnesota Timberwolves Forward Kevin Love, Top, Battle For A Rebound

Kevin angry!

Our 2010-2011 Wolves are one bizarre squad. The extremes that they’ve reached this year are so far wide on the spectrum, it’s really unbelievable. They are that team that can get pounced one game, lay an egg in the fourth quarter of a highly competitive contest the next night, and then bounce right back to kick the teeth in of a battered and bruised Cavaliers squad.

Some might call that inconsistency; And you’re right, but I also think that shows that these players are really learning to play as a team. Unlike last year where players seemed to have their own agendas, this season the team is starting to show that they are gelling together as a tightly knit bond.

But we’re not quite there, yet.

Tonight was very entertaining to watch. The Wolves beat the Cavaliers in all facets of the game and had, what I thought was, their best well-rounded game of this young season. Some might argue that the Wolves just simply kicked a wounded puppy in the Cavaliers after being demolished by their former King, but in this sense, why not? We needed this win, and they went out there and played like it. If grabbing 46 rebounds from a total of 75 doesn’t say so, then maybe look at the shooting percentages, 59 percent vs. 39 percent.

Or what about 3-point percentage, 69 percent vs. 29 percent.

Any angle you approach this, you’ll just discover that the Wolves thoroughly beat-down the Cavs. You can’t help but feel bad for them. At first they thought they were at rockbottom after being demolished by LeBron and the Heat, but I’m sure they didn’t know they would come to Minnesota and get beat badly yet again.

Here’s a few tidbits from tonight’s tilt because I ran out of time to synthesize:

  • Wes Johnson stepped in for an injured Michael Beasley tonight in a big way. The rook recorded his highest scoring night in the bigs, dropping 20 points, while shooting 8-9 from the field — 3-4 from three-point land.
  • Like Wes did, Brewer stepped in as well, sinking 15 points of his own in his first start of the season.
  • Darko got back on track tonight; 14 in only 26 minutes. He enjoys playing basketball again. You can tell.
  • Wayne Ellington is putting in some good minutes now of the bench. The only thing missing from his game is consistency in shooting the deep ball. He went 4-6 tonight but lately has struggled to find his rhythm.
  • I miss you Ramon Session. ‘Nuff said.
  • The Cavs should acquire someone like LeBron James . . . Too soon?
  • Welcome back, Pek.
  • K-Love’s had enough recognition in the past few weeks, so maybe I should just skip . . . Kidding! The man has established himself as one of the league’s best. He IS the league’s best rebounder and has certainly found his knack on the offensive end, both toying with defenders on the perimeter and bruising around in the post. He’s averaging 23.7 points and 18.8 rebounds the past six games, and has grabbed 15 rebounds in the past six consecutively.

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