Wolves botch game down the stretch; Suns win 128-122

  Jared Dudley #3 Of The Phoenix Suns Reacts

Thank you, Basketball Gods, for allowing us to smite the Wolves with everything we have!

What’s new? The Wolves played yet another highly competitive game up until where it mattered the most, allowing yet another “W” to slip through their paws.

In a fast-paced, action-packed tilt, it was none other than Channing Frye — God, I hate him — and Jared Dudley who busted this game wide open and ultimately out of reach for the Wolves.

It started off with your typical Suns-Wolves matchup, a high scoring, minimal defensive efficiency effort that goes back and forth. Exchanging buckets left and right, not allowing your team to budge because the second you do, you just know that the other high-octane offense could — and would — make you pay for it in the most painstakingly manner.

And, as the Wolves’ destiny has it this season, that happened. With only four minutes to go. Again: What’s new?

The Wolves held a slim one-point lead with around four minutes to go only to watch it slip, no, ripped away in the most horrifying picture imaginable. First it was Frye with the three, giving the Suns a slight two-point advantage. Then it was Frye again from the perimeter. And with no answer on the offensive end for the Wolves, it was Dudley who stuck the knife in our back and pried until tears streamlined down my face — not really, but it hurt me deep.

Basketball is a game of composure and effort. If you can’t generate a complete game for all 48 minutes of it, you’re allowing yourself to lose the game and encouraging the other team to jump in and take it. The Wolves have done this on multiple occasions this season and are paying for it. The Suns’ announcers themselves condoned the Wolves’ talent, but also questioning why we’re only a one win team on the road this season.

Your guess is as good as mine on that topic.

After another heartbreaker like this, I’m a little at a loss of words right now. Instead, here are some bullets on tonight’s game, and most of them are actual bullets, if you catch my drift.

  • Grant Hill is the best 38-year old in the NBA. How can a guy his age inject so much energy into a team? Or better yet; How can a youthful squad like the Wolves fail to match the intensity of a 38-year old?
  • Here’s my justification for my hatred of Channing Frye: The guy is 6’11” yet he hawks the perimeter like some 6’4″ guard. You’re only hurting your team’s chances standing out there by decreasing the likelihood of offensive rebounds and proper spacing of the half-court. Yes, he can shoot the three, but so can six other players on the Suns. Play to your size.
  • Steve Nash came one assist shy of tying the Suns’ record of most 20-assist games. Might as well have gotten it.
  • Goran Dragic is totally underrated. With his size and shooting ability, he could do as good a job as Ridnour is as the starter for the Wolves.
  • Jonny Flynn has changed . . . And I like it. He plays with much more intelligence and poise now. Move on over, Ridnour — Too soon?
  • Kevin Love returned to his regular form tonight posting a 23/16 game. He did, however, end the game on the bench after hobbling around on his leg. He did look like he had lost a step for a better part of the night. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious.
  • Wes Johnson continues to step in when this team needs him most. Whenever the offense is succeeding without him, he takes a back seat and lets things flow. But whenever things are in a tight pinch, he always finds some way to generate offense. Whether it’s a three or an assist into Love, — He’s an underrated passer — he’s always looking to propel things forward.
  • Luke Ridnour is losing a lot of one-on-one battles on both ends of the court. Either he’s too small to compete with bigger, stronger guards or he’s not explosive or fast enough to play against the other prototypes, he just can’t seem to overcome adversity. I’m becoming skeptical of his ability to say the least.

That’s all for now. The Wolves get a one day break before finding themselves playing the Portland Trailblazers for the first time this season.

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