Rambis has hit rock-bottom

After tonight’s putrid loss to the lowly Los Angeles Clippers, Kurt Rambis has tied Jimmy Rodgers for the lowest winning percentage in franchise history. Let it be known that Rodgers was fired after hitting the exact mark that Rambis is at right now.

In no way are Kahn and the Wolves going to fire Rambis now or any time soon, but let this be a wake up call. This team has two players averaging over 20+ points per game; one averaging nearly 16 rebounds per contest; two point guards who can hold their ground as a starter in the NBA; a stout rookie with a very bright future; a defensive mammoth who clogs the lane and has found a special touch around the backet on offense; a deep bench, headed by the veteran-savvy Martell Webster and defensive whiz Corey Brewer, with an assortment of different tools; the list goes on and on.

Go check out T-Wolves Blog for an excellent write up on this matter.

The talent level is there, and although the roster seems a bit redundant and maybe not ideal for Rambis’ system, this team should be winning more ball games. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that, despite this being yet another rebuilding season, Rambis may very well be on the hot-seat from here on out this season.

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