Wolves look homesick; Clippers stomp all over 113-90

  Michael Beasley #8 Of The Minnesota Timberwolves Drives To The Basket Over DeAndre Jordan #9 Of The Los Angeles

Aside from Beasley's and Webster's efforts, no one came to play in LA tonight

There comes a time when you’re away from home for a certain amount of time where you really start to lose it. You feel lonely, you just don’t have as much energy.

And that showed tonight on the Wolves’ part.

It’s time to bring the boys home. When the Wolves can make the Clippers look like one of the best in the West, you know it’s time for them to come home and hopefully give them a chance to reposition their heads firmly onto their shoulders.

A six-game road trip in the NBA can be one long, tedious task to overcome, let alone to come out of it with a few wins. The Wolves failed to do that, and even in the most winnable game tonight against the Clippers, the Wolves came out and laid an egg, thus exemplifying their lack of focus and motivation near the end of this trip.

The offense never really had much of a flow. The defense continued on with it’s pitiful porous ways. They even got out-rebounded 56-33, a category in which the Wolves always dominate, but everything becomes harder when bigger, stronger opponents like Blake Griffin step in your way.

Beasley seemed to be the only one trying to generate something, anything, after some time, but even he let anger and frustration with his team’s performance get the best of him. It is worth noting that Martell Webster had yet another great night off the bench, strongly stating his case to become the full-time starting shooting guard. As should be the case with Jonny Flynn and the starting point guard debate. Yes, there should be a debate by now.

There’s really not much to say other than that after tonight’s lack of a performance; It was truly a regression of where they were headed as a team after a couple good games against the Nuggets and Trail Blazers.

Hopefully the Wolves can come home and re-energize themselves when Al Jefferson makes his return to the Target Center. The Jazz visit the Twin Cities on Wednesday night, so it’s not going to get much easier when the Wolves return home. But things should get better, right?

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