The comeback; Wolves win 98-97

Minnesota Timberwolves' Michael Beasley Scores

A big win for the Wolves tonight in Cleveland

With an improbable comeback led by the likes of Luke Ridnour and Kevin Love, the Wolves finally snap a seven game losing streak winning in Cleveland tonight. Maybe more importantly than snapping the streak, the Wolves grabbed just their second road-win this season, and did it in style, I might add (Wolves are now 2-0 in those hot, new little numbers, the black alternate unis).

Unfortunately, I was unable to catch the majority of this contest and came in toward the back-half of the 3rd quarter. At that time, Mike Beasley was playing great, and really, was the reason the game was close at all. Then the fourth quarter began and the Cavs started hitting shots on all cylinders. The inevitable was yet again forming before our eyes and it seemed like a devastating loss to another beatable team was well in order.

But, like I said, Ridnour and his 23 points as well as Love’s 16 point, 18 rebound effort put the Wolves right back into the thick of things and that’s when Beasley took over.

Beasley finished the game with 28 points but only two came in the fourth quarter. Lucky for us they were the two biggest points of the night. The coolest part of all: Beasley went to his right. It doesn’t seem like much, but when you put it into the context of this game, a winnable game that came down to the final few possessions like many others this year, it truly was remarkable. Usually he doesn’t finish well driving to his right, we all know that, but tonight he beat Antawn Jamison at the top of the key with a shimmy shake and an explosive first step and took it to the rim for the ultimate game-winner.

Rambis has preached about not having that go-to guy towards the end of the game a few times this season, most notably after the dreadful loss Last Wednesday. That night against the Jazz he called upon Martell Webster to come through in the clutch, but he buckled big-time by throwing up a less-than-desirable three pointer in the end that soon led to our demise. But if you think about it, it’s truly puzzling why Rambis seems to be missing that go-to guy in the clutch. Beasley already did it once this season against the Clippers, and now consider his layup with six seconds left in Cleveland his second go-around at it. Rambis indeed does have that guy he can rely on at the end of games, he just needs to realize it.

Anyways, you can’t say enough about this team’s effort tonight. After getting beaten down over and over out West and then to come home and lose a game to the Jazz that they really should have one, it’s difficult for a team — let alone one as young as the Wolves — to overcome the negativity and demise that losing brings to a team’s morale. I’m sure proud.

Tomorrow night the Hornets come to town. It should be another winnable game. . . If Chris Paul suddenly went into cardiac arrest during warmups and was unable to give it a go. But we’ll see how it all plays out at the Target Center tomorrow night.

Big win, guys!

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