Wolves blow past Nets 103-88

Kim Kardashian Sits

Kim Kardashian: Hot.

These are the “must win” games we’ve been talking about for quite some time. These young Pups need to learn how to close out games that they pick up such a big lead on. They got their chance tonight and came out successful . . . For once. Thankfully we only had to play the New Jersey Nets.

The Wolves and Nets fought back and forth in a physical battle tonight. Both teams worked hard underneath, sometimes getting rather chippy but to no squeal of the whistle (The refs were, again, rather frugal with their calls). Ultimately the team that committed the least amount of turnovers and turned up the most heat possible on defense was going to win this battle, and tonight that was the Wolves.

For the first time maybe all year the Wolves played stifling perimeter defense. The only one to get any sort of shot off was the feisty Sasha Vujacic, who scored a team high 22 points. Other than that, many of New Jersey’s outside players were bothered all night long and failed to get any sort of a decent look off from outside. Even when the Nets could get open looks — at the free throw line, that is — they failed to follow through on those, shooting a dismal 17-28 from the charity stripe.

It’s clear to see that the Nets have caught a bad case of Timberwolf-itis and are deeply suffering from it. A roster in serious limbo with only a few glimmers of hope in the likes of Devin Harris, Brook Lopez and Derrick Favors (Who didn’t look great tonight), but when your most consistent player is Sasha Vujacic coming off the bench, you’ve got some serious problems. I believe they could pull it together, but, like the Wolves, it’s going to take some time.

Anywho, here are a few bullet points on tonight’s game:

  • For those of you at the game tonight, did you see Kim Kardashian? Wow, she’s hot.
  • Corey Brewer was the catalyst of our defensive prowess tonight. Whenever Rambis noticed Vujacic getting hot at any point, he called upon Brewer to shut him down. And so he did.
  • Beasley only played 32 minutes tonight. Why? 4-10 shooting and six turnovers. Ouch, B-Easy.
  • Wes Johnson was a little off tonight and scored only 17 minutes for it. To earn minutes as a rookie in this league you need to play well. Wes failed to do that tonight.
  • Devin Harris: 3-13 shooting; Brook Lopez: finished with only six points. That’s a job well done.
  • Kris Humphries made his return home to Minnesota tonight and played well. 14 boards isn’t an easy feat against the rebound-hungry T-Pups.
  • Speaking of rebounding, I was legitamately worried K-Love wouldn’t get his double-double tonight. No worries, though. He did it.
  • Oh, and again, did you see Kim Kardashian tonight? Hot.

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