Wolves lose in OT 108-105

Out-hustled, out-played, out-lucked?

We all know what happened, and, frankly, I’m just too mentally exhausted and heart-broken to report on tonight’s game. But really, is there anything to say anyways?

It’s truly difficult to imagine how these Pups are even going to wake up tomorrow morning. The sheer frustration and disappointment on Kevin Love’s face, after a monstrous game, really told it all.

Even Kurt Rambis, before anyone could say anything, entered the press conference with a swift, stern pace and rumbled “I’m really disappointed with our team’s effort tonight.” That just about says it all, folks.

Have a good night.

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Been a Wolves fan for probably way too long to be considered a sane human anymore. An avid golfer in my free time.

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