Wolf Track: Chat with Chad Ford

I haven’t done this in a while but here are some Wolves related questions thrown Chad’s way from our lovely faithful:

Jason (Minneapolis) Any rumblings of the TWolves making a deal?

Chad Ford

(1:22 PM)

They are very active. I’m not sure they have any untouchables these days … including Kevin Love. But unless it’s a clear upgrade, not sure that David Kahn is doing much more than continuously shuffling the deck.

Danny (Minneapolis) Will Rubio be in a T-wolves uniform next season, and if so will he be good

Chad Ford

(1:39 PM)

Wolves are very confident he will be. Other people I talk to in Spain and around the league are equally confident he won’t be– especially because of an early option he has on his contract and the looming lockout.

Miguel (Spain) I love my countryman Ricky, but to be honest he isnt even looking good against European competition at this point…

Chad Ford

(1:42 PM)

True. But virtually everyone I speak with think he’ll be better in a NBA system. But you’re right, I’ve watched him play a couple of times this year and it looks like he’s regressed. He may have peaked early …

It’s interesting getting Chad’s take on the Love rumblings. I’ve heard from unreliable sources online that Love is seeking a way out of Minny and that the Wolves may be shopping him. I personally don’t believe it one bit and think if it were to happen the Target Center would set fire to arson faster than any pile of kindling. “MVP” chants slowly circulated their way around Target Center last night when Love made trips to the charity stripe; Haven’t heard of that kinda crazy talk since the long-forgotten KG era.

The Rubio stuff is interesting too. I haven’t kept tabs on him too closely this year but did know that he was struggling. Like Chad, I believe Rubio better suits a NBA style of play, but it won’t even matter if he’s not going to hop the pond and play for the Wolves.

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