Misery, commence; Wolves fall again 108-98

Portland Trail Blazers' Wesley Matthews, Right, Makes

Wes Matthews > Jonny Flynn

Kurt Rambis has finally found a way to avoid all the late-game jitters and miscues.

The key: Just let the other team dominate from the very start. From beginning to end, complete domination.

And instead of tearing Wolves fans’ hearts by letting former T-Wolf for about 15 mins., Brandon Roy, do the damage, they allowed, no, cordially invited — Or that’s how the defense was playing — another mediocre wing player beat them from deep in Wes Matthews, and you can kiss the rest goodbye.

Like I said, complete domination from opening tip set the tone for this one. Normally we’re used to a competitive first quarter from the Wolves, but instead the Blazers’ offense torched the Wolves with 11 assists, a 62-percent FG% and 37 points to end the quarter.

So much for that intensive practice yesterday that Rambis was so high on.

All focus and hustle was gone after that quarter and the Blazers followed up their impressive first quarter by never letting up after that. Matthews continued his hot shooting and the other Blazers followed suit by simply taking care of the ball and finding open looks. With that, the Blazers commanded a 20-point lead going into halftime.

The rest is history. The Wolves did their best to claw back into this one, but a minor injury to Beasley kept him on the bench and the offense just failed to sustain any type of run to hammer a serious dent into the Blazers’ lead. There was just no use.

What’s left to say? This team has hit a serious low that it seems almost impossible to motivate them to do anything on either end of the ball. They took a giant step backwards tonight. It seems as if these heartbreaking losses are starting to settle in. Players and coaches alike are frustrated because none of them understand what’s going wrong. It’s like they’ve all stalled individually to the point that the team as a whole has to suffer.

I believe it’s a calling; a calling for change. Let’s just hope Kahn gets the message.

Here are some other quick notes tonight:

  • Corey Brewer started the second half in favor of Wes Johnson, and rightfully so. Someone had to pester Matthews into more difficult shots than wide-open threes. At one point the two were getting so feisty, I thought one of them was about ready to throw a haymaker. And from this, I noticed that when Brewer plays with less smiles and more intensity, he plays more disciplined and controlled basketball on both ends. Someone oughta fire him up more often in the pre-game.
  • It wasn’t just Matthews who killed us. For the second time this year, LaMarcus Aldridge had his way with our interior defense and scored 28 points coupled with 10 rebounds.
  • Anthony Tolliver made his return tonight, and like I said, he could make a difference on and off the court. He did that tonight, but his energy alone isn’t enough to bust us out of this funk.
  • The Blazers cleared the way on the boards, 45-36. Pure hustle and effort contributed to all 45 of their boards. It’s proven by their 18 offensive rebounds.
  • Canis Hoopus had a Twitter feed titled: “#thingsiwouldtradejonnyflynnfor“. Let me give it a go: A half-used roll of toilet paper. Jonny Flynn’s basketball game has hit rock-bottom, and it saddens me because I truly believed in him. Backup point guards, like Patrick Mills tonight, are making Flynn look really bad. And he was supposed to challenge Ridnour for the starting job this season. He just looks lost on the court. Mike Beasley, who’s only been in this offense for less than half the season, has to tell Flynn where to go on the court. He struggles to fight around screens, leaving his mand wide-open for threes from outside. And the turnovers? One way to lower the turnover rate is to just get rid of Flynn and his five per game. Or that’s what it seems like. All of these miscues in his game and Rambis still manages to play him over Telfair. And it’s like he doesn’t even care. Instead of warming up for the second half, Flynn sat at half-court conversing and joking around with Matthews for a good three minutes. A little seriousness could go a long way for Flynn’s demeanor and game, just like I explained about Brewer. It’s hard writing all of this, it really is, but Flynn needs a wake-up call more than anyone on this team, and it needs to come soon.
  • Kevin Love finished with 30 points and 19 boards. Will the trade rumblings cease, please?
  • Someone had a rookie moment tonight… Just guess who. His name rhymes with “Leslie”…
  • Darko was a no-show tonight. Do Serbians have feelings? Darko’s face is seamlessly blank at all times of the game and never does he seem emotional or energetic in some way. You can tell he just purely quit tonight.
  • Martell Webster faced his old team tonight. He ended with 11 points on four of 11 shooting. So-so appearance if you ask me.

Well, that’s all for tonight. The Wolves have officially found themselves in a serious stagnate and no one really knows how they’re going to get out of it. Perhaps a change is in order. But for the to happen, David Kahn would have to pull the trigger on a trade, and the odds of it being a good one probably aren’t great.

Also, don’t forget to play the role of the “KHAAAAAAAN” and send your trades into me to be eligible for the contest and the Wolves tickets! What would you do to turn this monstrosity around?

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Fair enough. But we gotta get a 2 guard that can handle the rock.


That starting five and bench are considerably better than ours now. It's just so hard to already think of parting with Wes Johnson after he's barely been here for a third of a season. Even if it is for Mayo, who I think's game is going to clash with that of Beasley's.@pinottij


Wes Johnson for OJ Mayo Peckivic+Wayne Ellington+Telfair-Jason Thompson Johnny Flynn+Utah Pick=Jeryd Bayless+Anthony Randolph (I don't know if you heard that three way trade rumor online, I liked the sound of it) Then you'd have a starting five of Ridnour, Mayo, Beasley, Love, Darko. With the bench looking like: Bayless, Brewer, Webster, Tolliver, Thompson and Randolph.


I do like Wes but what position is he going to play? Beasley's career understudy? Now I agree, if you wanna be a title contender you have to have a deep bench, I just would like to get something more out of the no. 4 pick in the draft. I have a tough time seeing the Grizz settling for Flynn but they would probably do it for Wes. Love isn't a max player, not when Al Horfor, Joakim Noah and Rajon Rondo are 55 mil players. If Love will sign for 5/55 you do it. If he wants the max you gotta ship him out, a max player doesn't let Boris Diaw torch him. Fat Boris Diaw. Agreed though, the CBA will determine a lot. I've been high on Thompson forever man, He's so improrperly utilized in Sac that it makes me sick. The kid could be a top 10 center in the right system


He may attempt to sign for the max, but we just don't know what that will even mean with the CBA expiring. It's hard to give up Wes Johnson at this point in the season, especially because we've seen glimpses of a very good player this year. I'd be more into forcing Jonny Flynn onto them. LOVE JASON THOMPSON! I think he would be a great upgrade over Pek and Koufos and brings that defensive intimidation the Wolves need inside when Darko's not in the game. I think the Wolves ought to target Thompson over Kahn's favorite Anthony Randolph.@pinottij


Here's my issue with Kevin Love trade rumors...I am seriously paranoid he is going to screw us when he has a chance to resign. I think he would resign with us but for a max contract, and he is not a max player. for as good of an offensive player he is, he is equally as poor defensively. I still think Wes Johnson and a protected pick for Mayo is perfect. We need a SG so badly and Mayo needs a change of scenery equally as bad. I'm also a giant Jason Thompson fan and would love to see a trade like Peck and Ellington for Thompson. We need a back up center so bad, our back ups stink and when Darko has a brain fart game we have to have someone come in and block some shots and provide size