Blazers officially have our number; 113-102

Unfortunately, I was unable to watch tonight’s game. Or is it really that unfortunate? Because it sure seemed as if I didn’t miss much, as the Wolves played to their same old beat.

Just judging by the box score and feed of #twolves tweets, the Wolves really had a difficult time getting anything going on offense, especially from our wing players. Even with Beasley’s return to the lineup, Our starting wing players only managed to score 22 points and yet again failed to contain the Blazers’, most notably Wes Matthews –again, — who scored 21 points.

Despite our front court’s success — Darko had a career game and Love recorded his 28th straight double-double — we couldn’t match the dominance of LaMarcus Aldridge. The Blazers may have our number this year, but so does Aldridge. He’s been able to exploit Love’s weakness — any presence of a post defense whatsoever — all season long, and tonight was no different. On most Blazer games I’ve seen this season, Aldridge has no post game to speak of, but for some reason when he faces the Wolves, it’s as if his incompetent post offense turns to a parallel world to that of Kareem Abdul Jabar’s.

The most important moral of tonight’s game, though, is the Wolves’ inability to limit turnovers. At times they can shoot at a ridiculously high rate to make up for their turnovers, but tonight was not the case. This has been the same thing all year long, and until can limit their turnovers, this team has zero chance of improving their odds at winning predominant conference games, just like this one and others — cough, Spurs, cough.

At least they have one more chance to make up for their lackluster performances against the Blazers from earlier in the season.

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