Ricky Rubio and the "nameless" source

Ricky Rubio

A few days ago, the New York Times released a story about our pivotal savior, Ricky Rubio, and in the process provided a healthy dose of biased analyzation to go along with it.

The article may have come off as juicy to some or maybe just another BS story with non-committal comments from Rubio himself. But what really amped interest from readers across the nation was that the story cited “a senior member of Rubio’s camp” saying that Rubio has no desire to play in Minnesota.

First off, what the hell is a “senior member?” For all we know, that could be Rubio’s massage therapist who had a conversation with Rubio about the NBA a year ago. In today’s “off the record” world, unnamed sources are about as useful as dull knife; they can still get a point across but you can’t trust them to make the best, most accurate cut possible.

Secondly, who are the New York Times to hoax another story of a poor, innocent Spainard — who knows barely a lick of English, I might add — and lure him into saying something along the lines of, “I’d rather play in Boston, New York or Miami when I come to the NBA.” It’s baffling to see that Rubio’s stance has not changed, yet the national media — all be it, from the city who wishes so badly they could own Rubio’s rights — is still trying to turn his innocent and meaningless comments into a hate message aimed directly at the face of David Kahn and the Timberwolves organization.

This is clearly just one more shot that the Timberwolves have to endure from the aggressive onslaught of ridicule and torture that comes from the national media. The media in places like Boston, New York and L.A. have a way of convincing or influencing culture in some sort of way because of their ability to reach such a mass audience in one false swoop. But when places like Minneapolis have to compete with the competitive nature of the media from either coast, it’s hard to counteract such a broad statement, such as that said of Ricky Rubio’s future endeavors. And what makes it even harder to push that argument is the fact that we have no assurance on Rubio’s desires or plans. We’ve never gotten a clear answer of whether he would enjoy himself in Minnesota or not. Whenever these stories come up, he just says the same old thing.

My take: Nothing. This story is obviously just another fabricated attempt into getting the Wolves to believe Rubio’s desire is to be elsewhere and that if his demands aren’t met, he has all the power to just remain in Spain for the time being. You really shouldn’t read too far into this, unless more emerges in the next few days, especially if something comes from Rubio directly.

But for now, I’m going to stick to my guns and refuse to trust Mr. “Senior Member of Rubio’s Camp”.

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I walked away with basically the same take on the article as you did. I actually laughed as i read it at how vague the whole thing was. Oh really, you'd prefer to play for 3 of the best teams in the NBA? I wouldn't be shocked if he actually said it would be fun to get to play in either of those 3 cities, but really? a "Senior member of his camp" is close enough to the situation to talk about Rubio's intentions and the feelings of his family of where they want to live, and yet sells him out to the press behind his back. I really doubt that Rubio would announce something like that to his camp this summer, and if so, the word would've gotten out a lot sooner. Especially when that's the opposite of what Rubio has been saying...