Wolf Tracks 2/1

There aren’t many but there are two important Wolf Tracks from today.

The first, not nearly as important as the other, but Wes Johnson was chosen to play in the Rookie-Sophomore game during All-Star weekend. So although it’s not assured that Kevin Love will be playing during All-Star weekend, but at least we’ll have one representative in L.A.

The other news is a little more of importance and interest to all you Wolves fans. Today, the Wolves announced their plans for a $155 million renovation plan that will extend the Target Center’s life for at least 20 years.

This is big news. The only problem that stands in our Puppies’ way of getting a newly rejuvenated arena: The Minnesota Vikings. Clearly the Vikings are in line for a new stadium, and funding that puppy could stifle millions from taxpayers’ pockets. So if that clears, it could be difficult to get funding for both the Vikings’ stadium and the Target Center’s revamping.

Either way this swings, it’s nice knowing the Wolves’ organization are taking into consideration the age of their building and how much a newer building could help in free agency as well as ticket sales.

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Been a Wolves fan for probably way too long to be considered a sane human anymore. An avid golfer in my free time.