Breaking news: Kevin Love snubbed

Talk about your ultimate nightmare, Love was snubbed in his bid at the All-Star game this season.

The lucky reserves ahead of Love: Dirk Nowitzki (No-brainer), Blake Griffin (Pretty easy), and Tim Duncan.

Say WHAT?!

Duncan’s having one of his worst seasons statistically but has helped lead the San Antonio Spurs to a league best record at 40-8.

I don’t want to go into a long commentary listing off the endless All-Star-like merits Love has accomplished this year quite yet. I’ll save that until Yao Ming’s injury replacement is named. It should be Love…

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Kerr's an idiot; Aldridge has had like three big games and that's it. For some reason, I'm more content with Griffin in than Duncan. Griffin's a rising talent and potential MVP. Duncan, on the other hand, may be on the NBA's best squad but after seeing him twice this year already, he's clearly not their #1 guy anymore. He looks slow and sometimes lazy which is exactly why his numbers are so low this year. As good as Duncan was/is, I think he was the one who snubbed Love. @kgformvp21


I was watching the heat orlando game last night and steve kerr said he thought aldridge should be the reserve, I laughed and turned the channel. I even tend to think kevin love should be in the all star game over griffen. Just my opinion